Get rid of risky and toxic outbound links

              Turn your outbound links into a website growth factor



              Cope with fake users signing up for your site to get backlinks

     can nullify all efforts of spammers trying to create fake profiles on a public site to get a free link and thus steal some link juice from it.

              Minimize the risk of an algorithmic Google penalty

     turns any risky or toxic outbound links within user-generated content into safe and SEO-friendly internal links.

              Keep users within your domain longer to reduce the bounce rate

     allows users to view the external pages while staying within your domain as long as possible and thus helps you keep the bounce rate in check.

              Recapture users leaving via outbound links

     helps you to attract users back to your site with the headlines and pics from your articles listed on a clickable panel at the top of every external page.

              Protect users after they follow the outbound links

     provides users with a toolbar showing an up-to-date safety status of every website they visit via your links and warns about detected threats.

              Keep your traffic data private and secure

              Confidentiality is the key to success. With you can keep all the external traffic stats to yourself by relying upon your subdomain as a safety buffer.

              Increase your brand awareness

              You can customize toolbar to fit your websites visual design and branding.

              Integrate with the web analytics service

              Integrate with Google Analytics to track user behaviour after they leave your site.

              Use with your favourite CMS

     plugin is free and available for any content management system of your choice.


              Bring your brand out with toolbar! Simply choose toolbar colors and suitable fonts, as automatically adds your websites name, favicon, latest headlines, pics and article snippets.

              Set up a subdomain to make the most effective use of


              Visitors can leave a site quickly via the outbound links and never return.

              With + subdomain

     replaces the outbound links (except for whitelisted links of your choice) with the links leading to your subdomain, so when users follow these links, they will see the external target pages while technically staying within your domain.

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     is simple and efficient when it comes to protection of your visitors from unsolicited or unsafe links. It accompanies, informs and protects users when they follow outbound links, so they can never bump into an adult or malware-infected content. Owing to responsive design, it perfectly fits any mobile or desktop screen size. Quick social sharing options are also included.


              • Full-featured

              • No ads or hidden costs

              • No credit card required

              No strings attached: unlimited and ready to go! Set up a subdomain, install plugin and get all the benefits right away, with no trial period, limitations or other marketing tricks. Also, we are glad to offer the Premier Support as a fast-track service option.

     plugin is available for all major CMSs and forum software,
              or as SDK for a language of your choice:


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